If you are interested in letting your life be improved through Feng Shui call Rénuka to see how you can make the best use of a consultation.

It is not possible to do feng shui with any degree of accuracy unless a site visit has been done. Accurate readings will have to be taken of your space to within a degree, to build up accurate energy patterns. In addition the impact of the surroundings and geopathic stress will have to be assessed.

It’s extremely important to see what style of furnishing and interiors the client is happy with and to get an idea of what they are happy to install.

The irony is the more stylised your apartment and minimalist in decor the more time and effort will be required to make sure the feng shui elements come together in a way that will not clash with your interior design. Working with a range of top developers, architects and designers Rénuka is skilled at finding solutions that allow Feng shui to be worked into the design.

Many clients call her when making a move, planning a refurbishment or extension or expanding in a new direction in their work or personal life. These are powerful times to make use of Feng Shui.