Feng Shui is an ancient body of knowledge which dates back thousands of years. Advice is given tailored to particular needs.

The work involved is more than re-directing potted plants and shifting the positions of desks - it is a comprehensive examination of the aims and goals of those who occupy a particular space so the environment can best reflect those aspirations. It also examines individuals and looks at a wide range of solutions to improve their position.

Investment in Feng Shui to create a beneficial environment for yourself will reap the following benefits:-

  • better relationships with yourself
  • better relationships with your children
  • better relationships with your partner
  • better relationships with those around you
  • allow you to become inspired by life


For home environments the objective is to create harmony, better health and happy relationships, though the specific advice given is tailored to meet the particular lifestyle and aspirations of the client.


Investment in Feng Shui to create a beneficial environment for companies will reap the following benefits:-

  • motivated staff who are enabled to recharge and relax
  • strengthened careers
  • increased business opportunities
  • less destructive stress
  • an enhanced reputation
  • improved overall results

How is this achieved?

  •  Through dedicated study and analysis of formulas and methods dating back many thousands of years.
  •  Rénuka has crusaded for years for people to embrace authentic Feng Shui in its original form.
  •  Time is a major factor and you wil be informed if its better to make changes at more auspicious times
  •  Key to this is on- site access & the ability to make modifications as recommended.
  •  Modifications are tailored to budgets and the desired look of the client.

This body of knowledge is so profound, that in its pure form, it has dynamic impacts on any situation in contemporary life.

For example: In a modern minimalist work environment it can still revitalise space to enhance the mind, body, spirit element of the people working there – this can further charge a space & create an astounding environment to work in. This creates a win/win situation for employees working there and helps avoid burnout - Feng Shui can also be used to lift staff morale in all environments - be it a string of luxury offices, a warehouse, a call centre or a bus depot.